About Us

Symetrix is a multidisciplinary team of structural and façade engineers, with offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland.
We plan, develop, and design a diverse range of innovative structures and building enclosures: educational institutions, residential buildings, and office blocks; museums, bridges, and stadia; airports, public artwork, and sculpture.

We act as an active partner in interdisciplinary design teams. We develop integrated design concepts in concert with developers, architects and experts from other disciplines and accompany these designs from inception to final construction. With our engineering expertise, we also assist firms specialized in façade and specialty structures with the design, analysis, and detailing of technically and geometrically complex projects.

With unbridled technical curiosity, we continually refine our design and calculation tools and pioneer the application of new and innovative building materials and construction methods.

Our participation in numerous design competitions has fostered an engineering approach which weighs competing structural concepts in our determination of preferred engineering solutions. Along with aesthetic, structural, and detailing considerations, ease of construction and project economy, sustainability takes on an increasingly important role as a pivotal driver in the development of our designs.

Advanced digital design, calculation, and visualization methods are essential everyday tools in our project development. All of our building projects are processed using integrated 3-D building information modelling (BIM) during all project phases.

Leadership Team

Hessam Moosavi

Director- Symetrix

Mahdi Moosavi